Brutal Fruit Spritzer #SpritzerSaturday

social media advocacy campaign

The Brief

In 2019; Capacity Relations was charged with re-invigorating the new BF Spritzer; which had post initial launch  lost relevance.  The objective was for BF Spritzer to become a top Influencer brand and be seen being enjoyed at premium hotspots by the right people.

The Solution

Under Capacity Relations’ direction, 12 Influencers were seen around South Africa on successive Saturdays, hosting brunches with their friends and leading #SpritzerSaturdays to trend.  This campaign had a tangible impact on dramatically increased sales and demand by retailers and venues to stock the drink.


The Results

September-December 2019


  • Number of Influencers: 12
  • Reach: 931 500 followers
  • Total pieces: 285
  • Likes: 24 000
  • Retweets: 3000
  • Total comments: 250
  • Gold star at SAB for the social media advocacy

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