Sun Met Celebrated with Mumm

The Brief

In 2017 Mumm launched their new partnership alongside Sun International of the Met event, now known as the Sun Met Celebrated with Mumm. Capacity Relations’ objective was to ensure the new partnership was launched effectively with impact, and that Mumm remained the hero in all communications surrounding the event. Our role was to create mass awareness, mass hype and incredible attendance at the main event in the Mumm Marquee.

The Solution

Capacity Relations developed an effective advocacy strategy utilizing 3 South African Celebrities and top South African Designers to create FOMO for the campaign and communicate the different elements of glamour associated with the racing event. Capacity Relations was responsible for hosting the media and celebrity guests in the Mumm Marquee. We achieved an incredible turnout of premium guests, and after being challenged to produce an ROI of 7:1 and PR return of R2.4 Million, we over-achieved with R 42.3 Million in positive Mumm branded PR with an ROI of 152:01 accumulating to an incredible R25 484 973 ROI.

Mumm became the hero of the Met through consistent media engagement and the newly acquired brand property was a clear success.

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