Flying Fish – #EatWithIt


An Unexpected Approach to Responsible Drinking

Flying Fish came to Capacity Relations with a simple premise: #EatWithIt, calling people to eat before drinking.

We added some flavour to this concept with The Flying Dish Kitchen, a double world first: the first ever non-food branded ghost kitchen and the first collaboration with UberEats and Mr Delivery to combat irresponsible drinking.

With the message, “Food First, Flying Fish later,” we delivered elevated, local street food to Johannesburg.

The collaboration was supported by a PR campaign across digital and print, broadcasters, social media, influencers and more, generating over R7.4M in PR Value!

We prepared a simple, single-minded communication strategy that appealed to our target audience and contacted an array of South Africa’s biggest publications across traditional and digital platforms; in total, campaign content went live on 35 publications including: 

  • Food networks like Eat Out and Food 24.
  • Lifestyle publications like Bubblegum Club and IOL. 
  • News networks like Eyewitness News (EWN), Adcomm Media and Bizcommunity. 
  • Print outlets like Pretoria News, Cape Times and The Mercury. 
  • Radio stations including YFM, 947 FM and Mix FM. 
  • Morning shows like the ETV Morning Show and SABC: Morning Live.

The media loved our idea, and the  life-and-livelihood saving impact that interventions like this could have — this was later reflected in the exceptionally high quality of the content they produced.

We also got in touch with some of the most influential names in the Gen Z and worked with them to curate mouth-watering influencer content that would stand out and generate momentum for the #EatWithIt PR campaign.




We intended for this campaign to do the unexpected, but even we were surprised by its reception.

In 3 months, we delivered over 3000 meals from The Flying Dish kitchens. Consumers loved them, demonstrated by the thousands of pieces of user-generated content, posts, responses and shares, and the many positive consumer reviews, ratings and shares resulting in a 4.6 average rating on UberEats.

Social media drove the most awareness around the campaign, with a reach of over 40M delivering 95M earned impressions with a 30% higher engagement rate than the benchmark — the brand’s highest performing campaign for 2021. We trended organically four times during the two month PR period: twice with Yfm and twice alone.

Our sponsored content on New Media’s EatOut and Food24 networks received almost 35K page views. The Eat Out articles were in the Top 10 amongst all website content for the campaign duration, and one of the Food24 articles were in the Top 12 top performing content.

The Food24 article ‘Why dark kitchens make more sense now’ alone generated R 225K in PR Value. The Flying Fish content exceeded the site’s benchmark for time spent on a page —  2:03 — by one minute.

Notable achievements on radio and television were Neo’s appearances on “Morning Live”
(PR value of R258 999,99) and Real Gaboza TV (PR value of R394 666, 67). 

The #EatWithIt campaign achieved a total PR value of R7 429 328, 15 in just 3 months from our PR investment of R700K — a 10-fold return on investment. It was clear to us that consumers found the concept innovative, fresh and relevant!

How’s that for “What the Flying Fish?”

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