Capacity Relations delivers superior ROI for our clients and brands through multi-dimensional communications strategies and toolkits, across the paid, owned, and earned media spaces.  These take the form of project- or retainer-based partnerships.


  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Advocacy
  • Brand-aligned Sponsorships
  • Paid social publishing – includes Social Media Production and Digital Advertising, Content-imagery and Video Production, and Stunts


  • Social media strategy
  • Campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Relevant Sponsorships


  • Media Relations
  • Published content 
  • Blogger and influencer relations


  • Event management
  • Content creation
  • Content curation
  • Reputation management including crisis management

Brand PR

Capacity Relations offers retainer and project based services designed to increase awareness and effectively establish brands in the marketplace among select media, celebrities and consumers.

Our services included integrated PR and marketing, approaching every client uniquely; creating a bespoke offering of traditional and non-traditional communication tactics.

Maintaining your brand’s image has never been so crucial to the reputation of your business. The key is to represent your brand in the correct way, to the correct audience in order to establish the brand’s image, creating brand currency.

Media And Brand Partnerships

We facilitate relevant media partnerships from a PR perspective.

With the correct media partnerships we are able to leverage spend and ensure maximum talkability and coverage on these platforms for our clients.

Digital and Social

The evolution of digital media has made PR more important than ever. Storytelling will always be the foundation of any good public relations campaign, but how we tell those stories is changing. PR, when designed, managed and measured correctly, is a path to new opportunities for lead generation, revenue, and brand value creation.

Capacity Relations assists clients in developing and executing multi-faceted social media campaigns that will enhance visibility of your brand and connect with your desired audience. Content creation and curation is carefully planned and developed along with the production of imagery and/or video content.

Our knowledge in the SEO world allows us to optimise organic content in the digital space, whilst managing and promoting paid for social media with promotional strategies to boost media and encourage engagement.

Content Creation & Curation

Capacity Relations is proud of the agency’s in-house skill to generate culturally relevant, viral content, carefully curated to slice through the white noise directly to the ear of the target consumer.  Our aim is that of our clients’- the bottom line.

Content creation may be storytelling, but content curation exposes the opportunity for that story to go viral through a combination of communications (brand PR), advocacy strategies, social media capability and bespoke stunt ideation.

Capacity Relations offer a full solution for published content , we offer an end-to-end service in this regard, from concept phase through copywriting to production of videos, newsletters; website copy;  images, experiential events and more.

Advocacy and Channels of Influence

Like effective match-makers, we strategically connect brands with the optimal brand advocacy solution, we complete the full advocate engagement in-house, from the identification process ; introduction and negotiation, right through to the brand training; content creation and curation and execution. The aim in generating advocacy conversation, as with all we do, is the bottom line.  

Over the years we have built up an acclaimed network of micro and macro influencers to ensure our clients specific brand objectives can be achieved, and continue to evolve this network as the publicity landscape itself evolves.

As a pioneer in this field over eight years , we have cultivated a deep insight into pop culture and what diverse communities are each looking for. Given our intricate and agile grasp, we consistently achieve the relevant narrative and tonality, with the added infusion of our own creativity.


Events and Experiential Activations

As a communications firm, it’s important that events are handled with flawless organisation abilities and professionalism. It all comes down to having the right people at the right place to generate the desired buzz to satisfy an objective.

Each brand has a different voice, and the events need to showcase that accordingly. We do it all, start to finish, from creative conceptualization; logistical management, Guest List management, Red Carpet Management as well as PR amplification during and post the event.

Reputation and Crises Management

In the evolving publicity landscape, it is no longer sufficient to be able to douse fires.  You must be able to do so instantly and effectively.  At Capacity Relations, this is a competitive skill we have mastered. 

While viral may be the ultimate strategic aim of content publicity, when this happens unplanned and unchecked, an expert grasp of crisis management in the New Age is critical to swift and decisive reputational recovery.  Our expertise in this regard extends beyond managing a crisis, to as far as possible pre-empting one with the appropriate channel controls and other measures in place.

crisis comms

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