Stimorol Retro

social media advocacy campaign

In 2020 CR conceptualized the reveal of the new Stimorol Retro through an innovative twitter mosaic, a significant influencer strategy which resulted in incredible stand-out content, brand aligned seeding packs as well as partnerships with media and like-minded brands.  Our objective was to launch this new flavour bringing Retro back while targeting the Gen Z audience.

The Twitter mosaic was one of our launch mechanics purely because of its potential to help us trend- which we did! Twice. The Mosaic was revealed over 2 days and driven through both influencer and consumer engagements. We trended at No3 within 38 mins of posting! WE TRENDED AT NO2 AN HR LATER.

The campaign was amplified through the incredible content of 6 brand aligned advocates that were relevant to the Gen Z community curated engaging content over the 6-week period. Retro themed media and influencer packs that were personalised according to what Retro meant to the person and Brand aligned partnerships were done with Typo stores nationwide as well as  Shesha sneakers.

Media partnership with YoMzanzi sneakers where Retro Air Force ones were designed and used as competition prizes

Our influencer content was extremely well received, all posts were retro related with the first post being a transformation of the influencer into a Retro personality. Content was posted across Instagram, twitter and Tik Tok.

The campaign achieved 663292 impressions which shows that there was great sentiment on social media. The influencers achieved very impressive reach & impressions which were noted above industry standards. Total reach of the influencers : 1,80 million, 2.4 million impressions

R982 335,99 worth of PR was generated in the month of September. With a mix of lifestyle & marketing publications. The campaign and content was recognised by all of Mondelez internal and labelled one of the best Stimorol campaigns done in years.

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